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Great advice .. I’m not really losing many followers thankfully but these points will certainly help to keep it that way. Thanks so much


I would love to see them cracking down on Mass Planner more, which is like Instagress, I feel like the amount of follow/unfollows is just surging at the moment. I also know that people actively promote it and that’s part of the problem. It’s really disheartening if you’re trying to grow your account organically and people use that and just shoot up in followers so fast! Thanks for the great article, definitely taking some of those on board

Jeanifay Mansfield

I am new to all this! Yet I have followers??? I have never posted. Did not know the protocol. Now I do. New business, new strategy,
Just trying to do it right. Thanks Alex


Thank you – this is insightful. I’m struggling with cohesion and content. My blog is not launched yet, so I’m finding that I simply do not have content to post to Instagram and what I am posting, visually, is kind of all over the place, from bright tropical colors to more muted tones. I’m not sure how to find a balance.


Great tips Alex! Keeping a cohesive feed is the challenge for me . Also I know some accounts use massplanner to grow their acct.. I’m curious why Instagram doesn’t crack down on those. I see n one go from zero to 30,000 fast using it .. doesn’t seem organic to me

Anyway thanks for sharing !


nicola baird

Tnx Alex for being such a positive IG inspiration. I may not have cracked it, but I’ve learnt some good lessons from you (best take away tip was to post consistently so I try to do so most days), and I always try to read your posts that pop into my inbox to the end. I run two IG accounts (my personal and a business one which is all about islington in the uk) and find IG infuriating for so regularly preventing me from logging into one or the other account. Perhaps that is a mini version of IG purging?

Kristie of The Official ceoMom

Such great tips. I am definitely one of those people who doesn’t post consistently. I’ll work on thar this week!


Loved this !!!


You’re so right. Cohesiveness and hashtags are key. I’m not losing followers, but it’s a sloooow process.


Great post!