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Curious about Instagram's new addition, IGTV? Well you should be! Can it really rival YouTube? Is it worth investing time in? How do you even use IGTV? Read this blog post by Instagram expert, Alex Tooby for all the IGTV details!
Want to make more sales on Instagram? You need a shoppable Instagram feed! Learn how to tag products in your posts with this tutorial by Alex Tooby
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Are you a victim of an Instagram Shadowban?? Hundreds of Instagram users are experincing a massive decrease in engagement due to being shadow banned by Instagram. In this post Instagram expert, Alex Tooby breaks down what a shadowban is, why you got one on your Instagram account and how to get rid of it! Must read!
10 Small Businesses That Are Killin' It on Instagram! This blog post shows you 10 different small businesses from varying niches that make money with Instagram. And the best part? They all have less than 10k! Another great article by Instagram Expert, Alex Tooby
5 New Instagram Features & How They Can Benefit You - Instagram expert, Alex Tooby shares some great Instagram Tips in this post you don't want to miss!

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