How to Start an Etsy Shop (and get 40 listings for FREE!) Step-by-Step Tutorial

December 26, 2022 by Alex Tooby
How to Start an Etsy Shop in 2024 - Step by Step

So you’re ready to finally take the plunge and create an Etsy shop?! Congrats! It personally took me waaayy too long before I figured out how to start an Etsy Shop – I really wish I started sooner!

Etsy is an incredible platform to promote your products and generate significant sales. Unlike other selling platforms (like Shopify), Etsy is a marketplace teeming with millions of potential customers eager to find and purchase your unique creations.

As long as you start your Etsy shop the right way, you’re in for a year of growth and SALES! 

Let’s get started, shall we? In this easy-to-follow tutorial I’ll show you how to start an Etsy shop AND add 40 free listings to your account so you can springboard into Etsy success with ZERO investment!

40 Free Listings

Whether you’re starting from scratch or already have an Etsy account – USE THIS LINK to sign up / login. It will automatically add 40 FREE listings to your shop!

Listings are normally $0.20 USD each so this will give you a huge head start for free.

*Note: if you already have an active shop with sales the 40 free listings gift will not work.

In some cases when using this link, Etsy will say “it looks like you already have an Etsy Shop” when you don’t. If this happens, create a support ticket here and tell them the following:

“Hi there, I am trying to open a shop with a 40 free listings link but Etsy is saying I already have a shop open when I don’t. Please help. Thank you!”

From there, support will typically tell you to go ahead with creating your store and to let them know when you are done. From there they will apply the 40 free listings!

Shop Registration

Once logged in, visit and click the ‘Get Started’ button

This will take you through a series of questions that helps Etsy understand you a bit better. You can answer them or simply click ‘skip this question’ (your success on Etsy will not be affected by your choice here, don’t worry!)

how to start an etsy shop - get started page

How to Start an Etsy Shop Part 2 – Shop Specifics (Preferences, Shop Name, Billing, etc)

Shop Preferences

The first part of creating your Etsy Shop asks you about your shop/selling preferences. Here you’ll need to determine your shop language, your country (you’ll be able to select a more precise location after setting up your shop), and finally the currency you will be selling in.

When selecting currency you will want to choose the currency you want to receive in your bank. (Customers will see prices in their respective currency when shopping in your store regardless of what you chose on the back end.)

how to start an etsy shop - shop preferences

*Note: if you choose to list in a currency different than that of the bank account you’ll be depositing into, you will be charged a 2.5% currency exchange fee on every order (on top of many other Etsy Seller Fees!)

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Name Your Shop

Next you need to name your shop! This can seem like a big decision but do not worry too much, you can change your shop name at any time. Enter what you think you want your shop name to be and continue to the next step.

Should your desired name not be available Etsy will let you know and prompt you to select something else.

how to start an etsy shop - naming your shop
Getting Paid

You want to get paid right? To do so (and to proceed with creating your Etsy Shop) you’ll need to fill out your banking details.

First they’ll ask if you’re operating as an individual or business. Unless you have a legally filed LLC, Corporation or other business entity, simply choose ‘individual’.

how to start an etsy shop - individual or business

If you choose ‘Business’ you’ll be required to add the legal entity name and business registration number.

Next you’ll enter your personal details including full name, birth date and address (note the name you enter here will need to match the bank account you want funds deposited into!)

how to start an etsy shop - personal details

Select the location of the bank account you want to get paid into, then enter the account details. (Once you are generating sales you’ll be able to tell Etsy how often you’d like the deposits to be made into your bank account. The options are daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly).

how to start an etsy shop - getting paid

Next you’ll need to link a credit card to your account. Don’t worry, you won’t be charged anything yet! (Especially if you used the 40 Free Listings link to sign up!)

However, once you start listing and selling on Etsy there are fees involved and Etsy requires a credit card on file should they need to pass any charges on to you.

When you make sales on Etsy, funds from your customer go into your account, Etsy takes their cut and the rest remains in your account until it is transferred to your bank account.

Depending on the withdrawal frequency you set, your Etsy account will likely carry a balance to pay your fees and your credit card will not be charged.

how to start an etsy shop - set up billing

Ok, we’re ALLLMOST done! Next Etsy wants you to set up ‘Two-Factor Authentication’ to keep your identity and shop safe and secure.

To do this, select your method of verification from the drop down and click continue, then follow the steps to complete the two-factor authentication setup.

how to start an etsy shop - two-factor authentication

How to Start an Etsy Shop Part 3 – Uploading Your First Listing!

Stock Your Shop

Finally, the LAST step in creating your Etsy Shop is to upload a listing! Etsy requires this as a final step but don’t panic if you aren’t entirely ‘ready’ yet, you can always set this listing as a draft until you are.

You might also want to take my FREE 5 Day Etsy Challenge first to learn my star-seller strategies before you start uploading listings.

If you received my 40 Free Listings gift this step will cost you nothing. If not, a $0.20 USD fee will be added to your statement to complete your shop set up.

how to start an etsy shop - creating your first listing

Congrats, you did it! You officially started an Etsy Shop! (Or at least know how to start an Etsy shop!)

From here there’s much to learn. To start earning on Etsy in record time, be sure to enroll in The Star Seller Academy!

How to Sell on Etsy - Free PDF

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