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6 What is IGTV?

What is IGTV? How to Use it and 7 Tips & Tricks for Best Results! Instagram is at it again.. They’ve just added another, new feature! This time it’s a BIG one. Introducing IGTV! What is IGTV (Instagram TV)? This new feature allows users to create a channel (similar to a YouTube channel) and upload videos […]

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Instagram Pods – Do They Actually Increase Your Engagement?

The Truth About Instagram Pods – Do They Really Work To Increase Your Engagement? You’ve probably heard the term “Instagram Pod” or “Instagram Engagement Group” floating around the business/insta world lately (and if not, you’re in the right place!) As Instagram continually changes their algorithms and more and more users are experiencing a drop in engagement, […]

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69 11 New Instagram Stories Features & 3 Powerful Ways to Use Them For Your Biz!

Learn How to Use All of The New Instagram Stories Features

How to Use Instagram Stories – The Advanced, Step-by-Step Tutorial How much time do you spend watching Instagram stories every day? I know for me it’s a substantial amount! In fact, I’m almost always watching Instagram stories before I even look at the new images in my feed. What about you? If you’re in the same […]

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242 instagram hashtags

10 Instagram Hashtag Do’s and Don’ts

Instagram Hashtags – My Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts For Getting Quality Engagement & Attracting Followers When it comes to Instagram, using hashtags, and more specifically, choosing the RIGHT hashtags can make a massive difference in the amount of engagement your photos receive and the amount of targeted users you get visiting your feed. Why is […]

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30 new instagram features

10 New Instagram Features You Shouldn’t Ignore

10 Even Newer Instagram Features You Should Be Using & How They Can Benefit YourBusiness, Brand or Blog! *This post is the sequel to: 5 New Instagram Features & How They Can Benefit You Instagram is constantly churning out new features for their platform in the last few months that even I sometimes have a hard […]

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