Want to make more sales on Instagram? You need a shoppable Instagram feed! Learn how to tag products in your posts with this tutorial by Alex Tooby

Shoppable Instagram Feeds – How to Enable Product Tagging & Make More Sales!

Do you own or work for a brand that sells physical products? If so, you might want to start utilizing one of Instagram’s newest features.. Shoppable Instagram Feeds! This new feature allows you to tag products in your Instagram photos that lead back to your website so viewers can click and buy whatever you’re selling, in a matter of seconds.

This feature comes as a great surprise and welcomed change as most of us are used to Instagram’s lack of links. Normally, we get just one link in our bio which can sometimes be tough to get people to click. Now, with the addition of shoppable Instagram posts, we have the luxury of adding multiple links to a single image that lead our audiences directly back to our websites! Amazing!

Here’s what it looks like when you have a shoppable Instagram feed:

shoppable Instagram feeds

Cool, right?

Shoppable Instagram images are denoted by a small shopping bag in the bottom left hand corner of the image (or in the top right when viewed from a profile). When these images are tapped, all of the products for sale will appear. The user can then simply tap on the product of interest which opens a new window with a short description, the price and a link to purchase via your website. If a user chooses to visit your website, you’ve just significantly decreased the gap from user to customer. Congrats! 

Clearly you can see how this can benefit your business, right? Now let’s set up shoppable Instagram posts on your feed! Just follow the steps below to get started:

Prefer to watch the video version of this tutorial? Check out my YouTube video!

Things to know before getting started with Shoppable Instagram Feeds:

∙   You must be located in one of the following countries: United States, Canada, Brazil, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, or Australia
∙   You must have a Business Profile on Instagram
∙   You must have a Facebook Page
∙   Your Instagram app must be fully up to date

Step 1: Add a Shop to Your Facebook Page

Instagram requires users to have a Facebook ‘Shop’ before you can enable shoppable posts on your account. This is why you must have a Facebook Page to continue. If you don’t, start there. Once you have a page, follow the steps below to create a shop and fill it with the products you’d like to tag on Instagram:

1. Access your Facebook page and look on the left hand side to see if you have a ‘Shop’ tab. If you do, simply click it and move on to #5 below
2. If you don’t have a shop tab, select the ‘add a button’ button, underneath your cover photo
3. Choose the ‘shop now’ option, then click ‘next’

shoppable Instagram - adding a shop to your facebook page

4. On the next page, choose ‘shop on your page’, then select ‘finish’

shoppable Instagram - adding a shop to your facebook page

5. Navigate back to your Facebook Page. You should now see a ‘shop’ tab on the left sidebar. Click that tab and select ‘set up shop’, then follow the instructions.

Shoppable Instagram - adding a shop to your facebook page

6. Eventually you will see a page that asks if you would like your customers to check out on Facebook or to check out on your website. If you have an e-commerce store set up on your website, select that option. That means whenever someone finds a product via facebook or instagram, they’ll be directed to your website to pay. If you choose checkout on Facebook, they’ll pay through Facebook (this option may be limited to the USA at this time)

Shoppable Instagram - adding a shop to your facebook page

7. Follow the prompts until you see that your shop has been set up. From here you can manually add products, or if you already have a website with products, you can automatically migrate them to your Facebook shop. To do this, simply google “integrate [insert your e-commerce platform] with facebook shop” and you should easily find step-by-step tutorials to follow. (Here’s a tutorial for Shopify & Woocommerce.)

*Note: keep in mind that while you can add services to your Facebook shop, Instagram will only allow you to tag real, physical products in your posts.


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Step 2: Connect your Facebook Shop to Your Instagram Account

Now that you have all your products listed in your Facebook shop, we need to connect your shop to your Instagram so you can tag products and streamline the buying process for your audience!

1. Navigate to your facebook page. Select ‘settings’ in the top right, then look for ‘Instagram’ on the left sidebar
2. Log in to your Instagram account

You can also do this from inside Instagram:

1. Go to your Instagram profile
2. Select the settings cog
3. Scroll down and select ‘linked accounts’
4. Select Facebook, then choose ‘share to’ and select the appropriate Facebook page (note the difference between Facebook profiles and pages)

Once you have linked your Facebook page to your Instagram account, your shoppable Instagram capabilities will automatically be pending. You must wait until your account is approved before you can use the product tagging features. Instagram states this should take no longer than a few days.

Step 3: Enable Your Shoppable Instagram Feed

Once your account has been approved, you’ll see the following notification at the top of your Instagram feed when you access the app:

shoppable instagram - getting started

Click the ‘get started’ link, then follow these instructions to finalize the connection between the products in your Facebook Shop to your Instagram account:

1. Select ‘products’
Select the Facebook shop we created in the previous steps

shoppable instagram - selecting a product catalog

3. Tap ‘done’

Woo! You’ve just successfully linked your “product catalog” (aka, the products added to your Facebook shop) to your Instagram account! Now, we’re finally ready to make your Instagram shoppable!

*Note: if you don’t see the alert in the image above, navigate to your profile, select the settings cog and scroll down until you see ‘shopping’. If you don’t see that, your account has not been approved yet. 

shoppable Instagram - settings

Step 4: Tag Products in Your Instagram Posts

Now that all of the functionality of a shoppable Instagram feed is set up, it’s time to finally tag your products in your posts! Here’s how:

1. Add a photo to Instagram as you normally would (select the + icon, choose your image, add filters, a caption, etc)
2. Select ‘Tag Products’ 

shoppable Instagram - tagging products on Instagram
3. Tap the photo where you’d like a product tag to appear, then select the appropriate product from your catalog

shoppable Instagram - tagging products on Instagram
4. Tap ‘done’ and review your post
5. Share your new, shoppable Instagram image!

*Note: when tagging products you cannot also tag profiles.

That’s it! You can now tag your products in every photo that you upload to Instagram! I love this feature and think that it will really help business owners increase sales. But keep in mind that uploading a photo and tagging your products doesn’t guarantee anything. You still want to post quality content, write engaging captions, use call to actions and provide your audience real value! These are the things that really help you make more sales!


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What do you think of the shoppable Instagram feature? Will you be using it on your account?
Let me know in the comments below!

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I’ve been trying to figure this out but have been frustrated with the different sources I was checking. Thank you for laying it out in the simplest way, I literally got everything up & running by the end of the post. You’re the best Alex!


Ok so what if Instagram never approves you? I’ve been through these exact steps at least 3 times over, leaving weeks in between, and have not been approved…

If Instagram never approves you, you can use an app like this – https://apps.shopify.com/cameo Create Instagram feed, tag products on images using this app, and add the gallery on store page. Copy the page url and put it in profile bio section of your Instagram account. It works well as it solves the purpose upto an extent that a user want to see same prodict which he had seen on your profile, and he can also add those products to cart. User can add products directly to cart from the gallery, selecting variants of products too. This app also allows… Read more »

Hi there, my Shopify Website was erroneously denied product approval for making my business Instagram posts (products) shoppable. I have spent weeks trying to appeal, but have never heard back to get this resolved. I am desperate to get my products shoppable- even with a 3rd party app. Many apps like Snapppt only provide Instagram posts on one’s website. I don’t need that function. My business depends on the ability to make my posts shoppable directly on my Instagram feed. Short of ever getting my products approved by Instagram, I need to find a viable solution. Any Ideas? Many thanks… Read more »

Yes! I just recently set-up my products in FB and Instagram. I love this new feature!

Will this integration still work if we choose not to checkout through Facebook?

We offer over 4000 products (not counting variations), so I would only like to manually do this for temporary posts on promotions and redirect the traffic to the sale page on a company I manages website.

Hi Alex! Great info. Thanks. I live in Ecuador, though so the feature is not available to me -yet- Any news as to when it will be available in other countries?

Thanks for sharing this! Great tip.

Hey Alex, I have been waiting for this function and I think it’s so amazing! So I just tried to set things up and in FB I get a message saying that having a shop on FB will no longer be supported unless I have an existing shop with Magento COmmerce Platform. WTF? Do you know anything about this? It seems so limiting.

Thanks for sharing! Great post!

I didn’t know this feature existed on Instagram! Thanks for sharing this with us! I hope to implement it on my account soon.


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