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I am honoured to have been interviewed on global television, mentioned in magazines popular online publications and featured in numerous podcasts, summits & blog posts since 2015. 


Cosmopolitan Magazine, May 2015

"Somethings Brewing.." - Page 84-87

Global News Interview
"How to Make Money from Instagram"

Global News Interview
"Instagram Hacks for Personal Brands"

I'm averaging about 50 targeted followers a day, my engagement rate has gone up 70% over the last 3 days and my opt-in rate has seen a 50% increase! I also hit 6,000 followers but I'm so focused on engagement and opt ins that the following is just a bonus... This course was so so so what I needed. Best IG course out there!

Amanda Acosta

Infamous to Influential student

"I'm 28 days into starting Alex Tooby's program and the wealth of knowledge I got from following the tips in the course is tremendous. The day I began the course, I also started two test accounts to practice on. I'm now at 2,600 & 2,400 follower on each in LESS than one month! Alex made the entire process into a science and takes out all of the guess work. Very happy with my results so far! Alex - you rock! Thank you for making the process so much easier for all of us by being a fearless pioneer. This #ladypreneur is a satisfied customer!"

Yulia Konovnitsyna

Infamous to Influential student