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I am honoured to have been interviewed on global television, mentioned in magazines, popular online publications and featured in numerous podcasts, summits & blog posts since 2015. 


Cosmopolitan Magazine, May 2015

"Somethings Brewing.." - Page 84-87

Global News Interview
"How to Make Money from Instagram"

Global News Interview
"Instagram Hacks for Personal Brands"

I'm averaging about 50 targeted followers a day, my engagement rate has gone up 70% over the last 3 days and my opt-in rate has seen a 50% increase! I also hit 6,000 followers but I'm so focused on engagement and opt ins that the following is just a bonus... This course was so so so what I needed. Best IG course out there!

Amanda Acosta

Infamous to Influential student

"I'm 28 days into starting Alex Tooby's program and the wealth of knowledge I got from following the tips in the course is tremendous. The day I began the course, I also started two test accounts to practice on. I'm now at 2,600 & 2,400 follower on each in LESS than one month! Alex made the entire process into a science and takes out all of the guess work. Very happy with my results so far! Alex - you rock! Thank you for making the process so much easier for all of us by being a fearless pioneer. This #ladypreneur is a satisfied customer!"

Yulia Konovnitsyna

Infamous to Influential student

Later Lectures

"How to Grow Your Instagram Following
With Instagram Stories"

In this video training, I teach you how to strategically use stickers, hashtags and links in your Instagram stories to grow your Instagram following and maintain a loyal, engaged following!

Embed Social

"How to Effectively & Strategically Create
Instagram Stories"

In this interview, we chat everything Instagram Stories! Why they're important, who's doing them right, how to strategically use them for your business and more!


"How To Use Facebook Groups for Business"

In this interview, I explain why your brand needs a Facebook Group, share my own journey on growing a group to over 35,000 members and how to effectively use groups for business.

Luxe Digital

"The Growing Influence of Instagram"

Instagram is becoming one of the most powerful platforms for brands to engage with consumers. This interview with Luxe Digital coverds what this means for the future of luxury marketing on Instagram.

Later Media

"Should You Use Instagram Bots? Everything You Need to Know About Instagram Automation"

In this article I discuss Instagram automation in full. Why people are turning to it, how it works, if it works, if it's dangerous for your account and so much more!

Fab Creatives Blog

"An Interview with Alex Tooby, Instagram Marketer"

Fab Creatives Founder, Maru, asks me 14 different questions about building my online business, using Instagram to make money, how I got @menandcoffee to where it is now, detailed info about my course, Infamous to Influential, and so much more!

Passion In Business Podcast

"Direct Advice on How to Build Your Community on Instagram"

Host, Allie McAdam and I chat about the reality of making money on Instagram, how to capitalize on user generated content, optimize your bio, attract your ideal community, the do's and don'ts of cross promotions and much more!

Bacon Wrapped
Business Podcast

"Instagram Marketing with Alex Tooby"

Host, Brad Costanzo, avoids generic questions and pulls out some of my more advanced tips and tricks.

Wild, Creative and Confident Interview

"A Picture Say's 1,000 words"

Sarah Marie Thompson and I chat about how to use your passion and creativity to design the life and business  of your dreams.

Make Life Happen
Video Interview

"Alex Tooby: How To Make Money on Instagram"

Ashly Rae quizzes me on leaving my job to pursue building an income on Instagram, the quickest way to build a loyal following and so much more!

"My Instagram follower growth was super slow and I was struggling to generate any income from Instagram. After working with Alex I was able to double my followers in only 2 weeks and my engagement quadrupled. I've booked several Instagram followers and they have been some of my best clients ever!"

Candice Spears

One-on-One Client

"My Instagram account used to be so dead. I was stuck with the same 100 followers for what seemed like forever and I had no idea what to do to see improvement. I decided to invest in Infamous to Influential and everything changed, like immediately! I quickly gained 455+ followers and began booking 1-3 new clients PER WEEK! I am so beyond happy!"

Pamela Sask

Infamous to Influential student


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