Is your Instagram account working for you or against you?

Every time someone visits your feed is an opportunity to get them to like, follow or inquire about your offerings, but if your bio isn't optimized and your content doesn't speak to your target market, you aren't going to see the results you want.

It's time to STOP trying to figure out Instagram on your own and let me, Alex Tooby, help!

By popular demand, I am now offering Custom Instagram Audits for a limited time. Each audit is conducted by me personally, is delivered in an easy to understand PDF and includes the following:

Instagram Audit by Alex Tooby

Part 1: Bio Overhaul

In this section of the audit you'll be graded on your Username, Profile Picture, Description and Link. I will tell you exactly what to change so it's perfectly optimized to attract your target market and effortlessly convert visitors into followers.

Part 2: Content review

In this section of the audit you'll be graded on your Images, Captions, Overall Theme and Hashtag Usage. The changes I suggest you make will be vital in your account's success. The right hashtags bring a flood of traffic to your feed, your improved images capture attention and your captions will build long-term connections.

Part 3: Strategy suggestions

Based on my findings in the two prior sections, I will suggest additions to add to your Instagram strategy to see more growth, more engagement and more conversions (sales, website clicks, email subscribers, etc!)

PRICE: $199 $99

Delivers within 5 business days

Who am I? Good question!

I'm Alex Tooby, your Instagram Strategist & Educator.  I quit my 9 to 5 to pursue Instagram full time in 2015. Since then I've amassed a following of over 465,000 followers (across my 3 main accounts), been verified by Instagram twice, have appeared in countless publications including Cosmopolitan Magazine (whhhat?!) and generate over $100,000 annually via Instagram!

On top of my own accomplishments, I help eager entrepreneurs improve their presence on Instagram, reach their target market through their content, grow their followings & subscribers, and generate more income through the sale of products, services & affiliate offers!

I can't wait to help you next!

PRICE: $199 $99

Delivers within 5 business days

Please note: follow up questions are not permitted but can be purchased at an additional rate. All purchases are final and refunds will not be provided due to the time required to conduct the audit (but don't worry, no one has ever asked for a refund to date!)

Have any questions about Instagram Audits? Send me an email!

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