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Instagram is a thief, because a normal and honnest company would have clear rules, and transparency about what you are allowed to do, and what breach the rules, and would also care to warn you the first time you broke the rule. Now Disqus did the same, and people are clearly angry, as the system is dishonnest and easily abused. I hope many people will leave. Shame on Instagram and Disqus!

I was just shadowbanned and have never automated anything, don’t use broken hashtags, or do anything listed in this article so I am beyond irritated! Thank you for the tips – I’ve reached out to instagram to see if they have the intelligence to stop attacking decent accounts while spammers are still roaming free.

I would love to see them cracking down on Mass Planner more, which is like Instagress, I feel like the amount of follow/unfollows is just surging at the moment. I also know that people actively promote it and that’s part of the problem. It’s really disheartening if you’re trying to grow your account organically and people use that and just shoot up in followers so fast! Thanks for the great article, definitely taking some of those on board

I agree with you! I suppose all you can really do is “stay in your lane”, try to ignore what others are doing, because realistically.. if they’re using these bots to build their audiences, chances are good no one is actually purchasing from them, whereas if you build your following organically, you’re putting yourself in a much better position for profitability. Just keep doing you! <3

I had 300 followers and now I have 212 like how do I know who it is to unfollow then nd thisis annoying.

Most of those who are quick to follow only want you to reciprocate. They don’t follow you for your content. Unless your account is for business, then I wouldn’t loose sleep over it. Phoney Followers is what I call them.

Very good info on such a new topic! Thankfully we have not had to deal with this, but now I have a plan of action if we ever do! (And yet another reason to NEVER use automation! Just be real!)

Yep you got it!! Being real is so much more worth it in the long run anyway 🙂

Here has been my experience with being shadowbanned. I stopped posting hashtags for a week. I put a hashtag on my next post, and I was still shadowbanned. I stopped using InstaStacked, for liking and f/ uf in my niche. One week later, I was still shadowbanned for hashtags, and I was no longer gaining the daily followers I used to. So, in my case, it was not the automation service. I grew very frustrated by this point. So I dug and did some more research on why I could possibly still be shadowbanned by instagram. The reason I was… Read more »

How did you use the engagement genie? Like what plan did you pay for and how exactly did you do it ?

I deleted 400+ ghost accounts last week, will also start engaging with my current followers to see if that helps.

Engaging is always recommended, not just to prove authenticity to Instagram but also to show your audience that you care!

Great read! I think my biggest struggle this far is ditching the insecurities (not being shy) and just getting out there! 2018 goals.

It certainly isn’t easy to put yourself out there, but in my experience, anytime I have been honest and vulnerable I get the BEST response from my audience! You can do it 😉

Oh! Thanks Alex! I was using a the 60# trick and tried some apps like Buffer and Later..
Some weeks ago, my account just stopped growing.

I’m doing the things you recommend here. I’ll use this break to finally start writing for my blog, and make up a theme and start my PhD. 😀

Thanks for the good vibes!

Hey Joaquin! Buffer and Later are both apps that are approved by Instagram so you shouldn’t have any trouble using those, but I am definitely interested to hear if going back to just 60 hashtags will change anything for you. Keep me updated and good luck on the PhD!

Buffer is approved and the only app I use but I have been blocked once by instagram and alerted of my account using unapproved “growth and likes” programs. I still dont understand how this is happening. Your blog mentions apps that push you to post vs schedule posts for you. Buffer schedules and posts for you, have you being seeing this as an issue

I’ve been seeing instagram get increasingly sensitive about liking/commenting. If you haven’t done anything wrong, always make sure you report the block

what is the 60#trick?

Hi Susan! In essence, the 60# or 60 hashtags “trick” is when you attached 60 hashtags to your post. I explain this further in the “How can I get my account back to normal” section. I hope this help explain it to you. 😛

You’re so right. Cohesiveness and hashtags are key. I’m not losing followers, but it’s a sloooow process.

Slow and steady wins the race! 😉

Yes, I am like you. Not loosing them and growing really slowly.

In the present scenario Instagram has become a paramount part of individuals’ life. Most people use it for online growth of their business. Without any doubt Instagram is a best platform for the promotion of business but it totally depends on the number of followers on our Instagram account. It is not a tough nut to crack for anyone to make a Instagram account but to get huge followers is really a very challenging. People have to take care about plethora things to getting response from numerous followers. If the followers don’t get interesting stuff from our account then they… Read more »

These are some great suggestions! I’d love to do a giveaway for a thousand followers. I’ll be sure to follow this when I get there!

Awesome! Yes, please do!