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The See All Suggested Users is really helpful! I ended up following quite a few accounts based on that.

You are SLAYING it with this very first blog post! Super helpful, I didn’t know about several of these and I love your explanation as to why they’re beneficial! Top posts is my favorite… I’ve managed to get into the top post spots several times lately for my hashtags. I always thought it was just for IGers with a huge # of followers but was so happy when I realized it was based on engagement and we all have a fair shot!

Awesome stuff Alex 🙂 I’ve been loving the hold down feature.. Such a timesaver

Loving these new features! Thankfully I’ve been able to explore some of them. These tips for making the most out of them are super on point! (As all of your tips have been) Thanks Alex!

Oh yay! More reasons to spend copious times on Instagram… LOL

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