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Lesson 5 Tasks:
:: Get clear on 'lifestyle' photos and how you can apply the concept to your account
:: Check out
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Do you know how to use Instagram to promote your products and services?? Well now is the time to learn! Instagram expert, Alex Tooby breaks down this simple science in Lesson 5 of her free Instagram course

Instagram is not a platform that was originally designed for selling (although they are releasing more and more features each day that make it easier..). Instagram, for me, is more of a place to build relationships with your audience. A place to show your expertise, and improve your “like, know & trust factor” (the thing that convinces people to buy from you!)

In order to increase that ‘factor’, your audience needs to feel comfortable with you, and whats more uncomfortable than someone shouting at you to buy their stuff?? Not a whole lot..

What does it mean to be sales-y on Instagram?

Check out the following photos.. These are two instances of selling on Instagram. Which one is more compelling to you?how to use instagram free courseIf you said the photo on the right, you’re on my brain wave! The reason why this photo is so much more compelling is because it’s showcasing the product in a realistic, non-sales-y way. These types of photos are what I call “lifestyle” photos.

Remember this: 

Lifestyle photos sell product. Period!

When your audience sees a lifestyle photo, their first reaction isn’t “I’m being sold to” instead, it’s “Wow! I love that! It would look so good with my XYZ”.. and the next thing you know, that person is clicking the link in your bio and browsing your website to find out how they can purchase it. In contrast, the first photo above doesn’t stimulate the same action. Instead the user sees it and most likely moves right past because it’s too sales-y (yup, you don’t have to write “buy my product” to be considered sales-y, your photos can easily say it for you).

So what it boils down to is the mindset of your viewer. You want your audience to CHOOSE to purchase your product, you don’t want to have to tell them to do it.

Moving away from those stark product shots to lifestyle photos may be an adjustment, but trust me it will be worth it. Use a self-timer and photograph yourself, ask your friend to model for you, or go all out and hire a photographer. It will be worth it. I promise!

If you aren’t selling a physical product don’t worry, you can still easily implement this idea regardless of what you sell, you just need to get a little creative..

how to use instagram free course

While the image on the left is eye-catching, it screams sales-y. In contrast, the image on the right is much more natural, goes with the flow of the average users Instagram feed, and doesn’t give off a feeling of being sold to.

Now I can hear a few of you saying..

“Alex, I’m using lifestyle photos but I’m still
not making any sales!”

I hear you, and I get it.

The reason why you aren’t making any sales is because you aren’t reaching the RIGHT people. You may think your audience is full of your target market but if it were, and you’re implementing all the lessons I’ve mentioned so far, you would be making more sales than when you started. Really.

So here’s the problem: if you don’t have the best hashtag strategy, you’ve implemented methods random “insta gurus” have taught you, or you use third party apps to like and comment, you may end up with an audience who isn’t exactly in love with what you do.. and you deserve SO much more than that!

In order to successfully sell your products or services on Instagram you need:

:: to build a following of people who are interested in your niche
:: are invested in you as a person or brand and truthfully love what you put out
:: like, know and trust you enough to spend money on you

And the best part? You don’t need 100,000 of these people. In fact, you can make sales with literally 10 followers as long as they are targeted and fall into the 3 points above. 

So to help you solve this problem, I put the hundreds of hours, the trial and error, and the major fails and monumental successes that I’ve had over the last few years on Instagram, into a course called The Instagram Ivy League.

Instagram Course - Instagram Ivy League

I unfortunately didn’t have all the answers when I started my Instagram journey, but I do now, and I want to give back to you, for being such an integral part in growing my business! (Yes just signing up for free courses like this truly helps me expand, understand what my audience needs, and fulfills my desire to help people!)

So, let’s break it down..

The Instagram Ivy League is designed to teach you exactly how to:

1. Determine who your demographic is and the importance of this concept
2. Locate your target market and convert them into followers and potential customers
3. Passively gain targeted followers (even while you’re sleeping!)
4. Effectively use Instagram’s built in features for account growth and hashtag research
5. Implement powerful ‘hacks’ that increase account growth and engagement
6. Monetize your account and set up processes that ensure continued sales
… and much much more!

So, if you’re serious about increasing your monthly income, tired of spinning your wheels trying to “figure it out” on your own, and want a step-by-step guide on how to really take advantage of Instagram, then sign up today!

Lesson 5 Homework

Meet me in the Lesson 5 discussion thread to chat more about selling on Instagram!

how to use instagram free course

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