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Lesson 4 Tasks:
:: Brainstorm a way to monetize your account (use this blog post to help)
:: Decide what the focus of your account is going to be
:: Understand the importance of high quality content
:: Chime in on the Lesson 4 discussion thread

Have you heard of @menandcoffee on Instagram?? This iconic account was created by Alex Tooby and has grown to nearly 400k followers in just a few years! Alex teaches the lessons she learned along the way in day 4 of her free Instagram course

1. You don’t need to have a business to make money on Instagram

Now I know a lot of you likely have a business you’re trying to promote on Instagram (you’re in the right place to learn how!) but I want to address this topic for those of you who don’t currently have a business. I’ve had experience with both spectrums.. My account @instawithalex is used to promote my business by way of providing advice and actionable tips – I knew this getting in to it, however when I started @menandcoffee I had no intentions of it turning into a business. It was simply an idea I thought people might like.

A few months later as my following started taking off I realized I COULD make money with this account and began looking into ways I could monetize (here’s 4 practical ideas you can implement today!) I started by selling branded coffee mugs and t-shirts through a website called The Printful and ended up bringing in a few hundred dollars my first month of implementation!

How to use instagram MonetizeIt was a pleasant surprise for me. Not only could I spend time each day looking at images I thoroughly enjoyed, but I could make a little cash on the side! So, if you are passionate about something, I highly suggest waiting NO LONGER to start an Instagram account for it! You never know how many others share your passion and who knows, soon enough you too may find yourself transforming your hobby into a business of it’s own!

Keep in mind that this same concept applies if you do have a business but you don’t have anything to offer yet. You can easily build up your audience on Instagram and create hype around what you do, then when you do have an offer (whether it’s free, or paid) you have an audience ready and willing to scoop it up!

2. ‘Focus’ and ‘Success’ go hand-in-hand

If you haven’t noticed, some of the most popular and successful (i.e. income generating) accounts on Instagram stick to the ‘focus’ of their feeds like glue.

I mentioned @menandcoffee in Lesson 3 and how I made the conscious decision to never post a photo of just a man, or just coffee. Instead, every single photo had to include both a man and coffee. This simple decision solidified my brand, and strengthened my relationship with my viewers by giving them EXACTLY what they were looking for (and expecting from my account!)

How to use instagram free course

So my advice to you is to be extremely intentional about every photo you upload. Before you press ‘share’ ask yourself if this photo supports the focus of your account. Is it going to confuse your followers? Or support the content you’ve already shared?

Now, you don’t need to be as strict as me. You can stick to 1-3 types of images you share on your account, and do not stray from them. I repeat: do not stray!! If you need to post a random image, use your personal account. There your feed can be as jumbled and inconsistent as you want (I know mine is!)

Here are a few other accounts with a super strong focus you can get some inspiration from:

@safromabove – this account is for drone lovers! They just post pictures of South Australia, from above! Simple yet effective. If you’re amazed by the beauty of South Australia, or simply impressed by drone footage.. this account would keep you coming back for more.

how to use instagram free course

@alexia_clark – this account is for the fitness enthusiast. Alexia consistently posts videos of her daily workouts. She breaks down all the exercises in her caption and makes it ridiculously easy for her audience to get in shape with her. She rarely ever strays from this style of content.

how to use instagram free course

@bestmeow – this account is for the cat lover! This is a feature account that shares the best cat photos they can find. That’s it! No dogs, no squirrels, no coffee… just cats!

how to use instagram free course

3. Quality Images = Quality Coin

I mentioned the importance of high-quality content in the Lesson 2 video but let’s dive into that concept a little deeper.

Remember this: the type of content you share directly reflects the type of people you will attract. When you don’t take the time to make sure your visuals are on point, you are effectively cheapening your brand. Cheap brands attract cheap customers.

On the other hand, high quality images make your account appear put together, attractive, successful, even luxurious. And this in turn, attracts luxury customers. Customers that put value in high quality goods. Customers that are willing to pay premium prices to get what they want.. See what I’m saying?

So, like I mentioned before, if you don’t think you’re a great photographer, that shouldn’t hold you back. You can use stock photos, hire a photographer, or take advantage of user generated content (UGC).

In fact, @menandcoffee is strictly run on UGC (people tag #menandcoffee and I use those photos to fill my feed!) Because I have stuck so strongly to only using super high quality images, I’ve attracted high-end photographers who do shoots specifically for my account. I’ve also attracted a clientele willing to pay a pretty penny to be featured. (Again, high-quality images attract high-quality followers & customers!)

* One thing you must always keep in mind when using UGC is to give proper credit. It is very faux-pas to use someone else’s content without giving full credit, so be sure to not only tag them in your caption, but in your photo as well!

Lesson 4 Homework

Ready to dig even deeper?
Head over to the Lesson 4 discussion thread and answer the two questions I have waiting for you!

how to use instagram free course

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